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Make an impression with lucid, error-free, concise and perfectly formatted documents that reflect your knowledge and increase the impact of your work.
I can improve your academic essay, assignment, paper, thesis, dissertation, etc. by developing its language, academic tone and clarity.
My academic editing & proofreading services help you achieve the grade you deserve while remaining within ethical boundaries.


Select your reference style

You can specify the stylistic conventions and standards required for your text, tables, references and citations, including Harvard, Chicago, Oxford, APA, MLA, AMA, etc.

Have the final word

Throughout the process, you retain control over your document; consequently, you only implement the corrections and suggestions that you decide to accept as the final version.



Academic writing has many unique style and formatting conventions. Therefore, during the editing process I look at the document as a whole to ensure it is well written, fit for purpose, adheres to style guidelines and is correctly structured and formatted.

I eliminate repetition, redundancy and ambiguity to ensure the document is concise and lucid. During the process, I check your document to detect lapses in logic and help you convey your thoughts, insights and information effectively.

 My editing will correct mistakes or inconsistencies in your spelling, grammar, punctuation and vocabulary; it includes proofreading. I will also ensure the appropriate academic tone applies throughout.

Editing may involve some reorganisation of the written material, such as the arrangement of chapters and section, to improve the logical flow and organisation of ideas.

Editing can also flag parts of your academic paper that could use additional work or rewriting, but does not involve telling you what is missing or rewriting the document for you. 

Copy Editing

While Proof Perfect’s copy-editing service looks at your document at a technical, language usage level; it also examines the document as a whole, checkings for logical flow, clarity, suitability and consistency of style, tone and choice of words.

Copy editing addresses the length and structure of sentences, the arrangement of paragraphs, completeness, and the overall structure of the piece.

Therefore, it may involve some reorganisation of the written material. Changes to heading, subheadings or section headings might also be recommended.

The copy-editing process improves phrasing to ensure that every sentence makes sense, the syntax is smooth and is written in the academic style you require. I read your work objectively and made suggestions to improve its clarity and meaning.

At a detailed level, my copy editing checks for correct subject matter terminology, spelling and abbreviation conventions.

Copy editing includes all the standard proofreading tasks in the same fee, checking for typos and errors in English grammar, spelling and punctuation.



Misspellings, sloppy grammar, missing words, poor choice of words and phrases or their incorrect use — are all signs of negligence and can severely damage the impact of your work, your reputation and your grade assessment.

My proofreading service can help you reduce the chances of having your work rejected on its first submission, or having your assignments marked down due to too many spelling, punctuation, diction and grammar errors.

Academic proofreading corrects the language surface errors in your writing, but can only be done once you have finished all other revisions, rewrites and edits. Only minor rewriting is done at this stage; it is the final quality check.

I refer to style sheets, style guidelines and style manuals throughout to deliver a comprehensive and final review of your work.

Proof Perfect NZ provides two levels of proofreading: standard proofreading and editorial proofreading. The latter includes standard proofreading plus minor corrections and paraphrasing to ensure clarity, coherence and correct choice of words.

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My service meets your deadline

My editing, copy editing and proofreading services are available after-hours and on the weekend, by arrangement,  at no extra charge to help you meet those tough deadlines.

ESL students welcomed!

I am experienced at editing documents written by non-native English speakers. I will correct and rephrase your English so that your document reads as if it were written by a native English speaker, without compromising ethics.

The content remains yours

I don’t fact-check or tell you if something may be factually wrong with your paper, but I do point out obvious inaccuracies and sections that need development. In addition, I can’t write an essay from scratch or complete it for you.

British/New Zealand and American English standards

I can edit and proofread to conform with British/New Zealand or American English conventions.

Packages & Pricing

Options are available for all services:
on-demand hourly rate | project-based fee | monthly retainer

The fee charged depends on the service selected and quality of the written material.

While I do not follow a ‘charge per word’ fee model because this penalizes clients who write well, a quotation based on a ‘per word’ or ‘per page’ rate can be provided if preferred.

Editing | 
Copy editing | Proofreading |
Website copywriting, editing, proofreading & review |
Combination of any of these, bundled

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