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Proof Perfect NZ provides professional English language editing, copy editing and proofreading services for all manuscripts, documents and websites. A copywriting service is available for websites, too. As the founder of Proof Perfect NZ, my philosophy is that my business will only flourish if I consistently exceed my clients’ expectations by providing personalised, reliable, cost-effective and efficient service.

With several tertiary qualifications, a range of diplomas and certificates, and thirty-seven years’ experience providing written documents to a global client base, I have the knowledge and skills to provide high quality, professional services. My clients include authors (aspiring and published), tertiary students, businesses, corporates, associations and individuals.

Proof Perfect NZ is based in the greater Auckland area and provides services to clients in New Zealand and other countries. Locally, my satisfied clients are located throughout New Zealand, from Auckland, Wellington, Napier, Nelson, Dunedin, Tauranga, Hamilton and New Plymouth to Christchurch.

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Proof Perfect NZ Profile

Renell Judais

Renell Judais

Editor, MBA, Dip. Edit.

Proof Perfect Ltd NZ

Proof Perfect Ltd NZ

Expertise On Demand


Personalised Approach

My focus is on you. Therefore, clients deal directly with me and receive my personal attention. I devote my efforts fully to one project at a time so that your work is given the respect it deserves.



I work through your document word by word and more than once, for the same fee. Consequently, my results demonstrate great attention to detail and accuracy.



My service does not rely on spelling and grammar checking software since I have a strong command of the English language. I am committed to my clients’ goals and employ my professional approach and methodical working style to meet their deadlines.



My tertiary qualifications and years of professional work-experience in global companies contribute to my value-added service. I treat each document as a new slate and don’t recycle work from other materials.



My services are designed and executed to help you reach your unique goals. I will always be available to answer your questions and ensure your projects are completed on time. My commitment to excellence is made clear in every document on which I work.

The Process

Getting Started

I spend time gaining an understanding of the writer’s tone, intent, style and targeted readership before starting the editing, copy editing or proofreading process.

Proof Perfect NZ’s services take into account your English language preference: British, New Zealand, Australian or American conventions. You remain involved and fully updated throughout the process.

You may choose how your queries are – managed either via emails, calls or both – and how frequently you receive queries. I provide editorial notes if requested, or if considered necessary – at no extra charge.

Editing and proofreading include the development of a style sheet when appropriate or requested.


Format Types

Document formats I work with include MS Word, MS PowerPoint, Adobe PDF, and all website content management systems.

Proof Perfect NZ accepts projects in both hard copy (paper) and electronic form. I am happy to markup (edit or proofread) on paper or any of the applications mentioned.

I can assist you if you are new to MS Word’s Track Changes feature.  You will always see where corrections and suggestions have been made so you remain in control of the revisions and final version.

If you cannot provide special-topic lexicons or industry-specific dictionaries or other reference sources, and they are required, I will try to source them as far as possible.


Quotations & Pricing

Proof Perfect NZ prepares a free, no-obligation quotation for your project based on a sample of the written material. The quotation includes the scope of the work, the fee structure and the deadline.

As every written piece is different, I work through the sample before compiling a quotation. This allows me to determine the service that best meets your needs and accurately estimate the time required to complete the project.

I provide sample editing or proofreading free of charge so you can see the quality of my work. I do not follow a ‘cent per word’ fee model because this penalizes clients who write well, but a quotation can be prepared on this basis if you prefer it.

Want to know more? Contact Renell on +64 (0)29 1230 158 or renellj@proofperfect.co.nz



Customised Service

Proof Perfect NZ listens to its clients and customises their projects because written materials require distinctive modes of editing based on their purpose, style conventions and intended audience. Let me provide you with the service that best suits your needs. Select only the services you require from the range available.



Enhance your reputation, brand and business with effective, polished, error-free documents. Proof Perfect’s thorough service ensures your manuscripts, documents or websites are noticeably improved and achieve their intended purpose. Rates are based on the type of service you choose, the length of your written material and turnaround time. I work through your material word by word and more than once, for the same fee.


Confidentiality & Discretion

Proof Perfect NZ is committed to providing security and confidentiality you can rely on. I respect your privacy, your ownership of the material and the commercial value of your work. An agreement to this effect can be signed if required. All clients — large or small — receive the same level of security, privacy and confidentiality.


Access to Expertise

With Proof Perfect NZ, you have direct access to editing, copy editing and proofreading expertise when you need it. Both on-demand services and monthly retainer contracts are available. Create a lasting good impression. My services can improve your writing and help you communicate more effectively.



There are no hidden costs - all project inclusions and exclusions are agreed upfront in the quotation. You can request detailed project specifications, costings and sample editing and proofreading - at no extra charge. Proof Perfect NZ provides no-obligation, free of charge estimates and quotations for your projects. You are kept fully involved in the process and receive regular progress reports. You may view and discuss work-in-progress at any time.


Quality Guarantee

Proof Perfect NZ strives for repeat business. If you are not fully delighted with my editing, copy editing or proofreading services, I will revise your project and not charge a single cent. I do not rely on spelling and grammar checking software. You are welcome to stipulate the reference source(s), style and language conventions you prefer I use.

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