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The aim of Proof Perfect NZ’s website copwriting service is to produce copy (core text) that is accurate, error-free, original and well-written. High-quality copy builds your brand and enhances your reputation. If you want a good return on your website investment, the content should also be informative, relevant, accessible and written in a style tailored to your site’s targeted visitors.

Just as great content will help improve your reputation and build trust among consumers, poor content can do the exact opposite, which is why it’s essential to make sure the content you present is edited and proofread. Typos and grammatical errors can affect the way your business is perceived by your site visitors and make your business seem unprofessional.

I work in partnership with experts who can facilitate the SEO aspect of your website content once the copy has been written, and a packaged fee can be arranged if you require this service.

Simply replicating your company’s marketing materials on your website is not effective. The content needs to share what makes you different from everyone else, guide the visitors through your site, answer their queries and encourage them to take action.

Jargon-free, interesting and to-the-point copy that makes it easy for visitors to learn about your products and services and find what they are looking for, is what’s required.

Fresh, relevant and engaging copy also drives your content marketing; therefore, take advantage of the opportunity to have well-written and helpful content on your website. Remember that optimising your site is for more than search engine rankings. Optimise your website content for people, too.

Website Copywriting is available to meet your specific needs

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Services are tailored according to client category, the purpose of the written material and the intended audience.

Packages & Pricing

Options are available for all services:
on-demand hourly rate | project-based fee | monthly retainer

The fee charged depends on the service selected and quality of the written material.

While I do not follow a ‘charge per word’ fee model because this penalizes clients who write well, a quotation based on a ‘per word’ or ‘per page’ rate can be provided if preferred.

Editing | 
Copy editing | Proofreading |
Website copywriting, editing, proofreading & review |
Combination of any of these, bundled

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