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It’s hard to overstate the importance of creating business documents that are accurate, attractive and polished.
Business documents include a wide range of communications from marketing brochures to business plans.
What they have in common is that they all represent your company, so they need to be perfect.
Every document produced sends a message to your colleagues, employees, suppliers, customers and competitors
about your company’s values, credibility and overall approach to quality standards.

Your business can make a real impact with concise, well-written, accurate and correctly formatted documents.
Enhance your reputation, and ensure the first impression your business makes is professional and profitable.
Proof Perfect NZ’s proofreading & editing services help you avoid costly and embarrassing mistakes
that affect how clients and customers perceive and respond to your business.


A cost-effective solution

Access cost-effective, on-demand editing, copy editing and proofreading expertise by either outsourcing your projects to me – as and when required, or consider a monthly retainer contract to have my services at your fingertips. To suit your needs, I use the style guide and grammar conventions you select.


Communicate effectively

I ensure your writing is as clear and effective as possible, and that your document accomplishes its intended purpose. Whether you are conveying an idea, insight, message, statistic or piece of information to your audience, I can help you make your communication and document stand out.

Create the right impression

Your business reputation and brand image are important assets. I ensure your documents are well-written and perfect in formatting and presentation. Be confident that your written material impresses your audience, achieves your desired objectives and attests to your credibility.

Proofreading & Editing Services



Content editing delivers lucid and compelling documents. My editing service looks at your document as a whole and improves it by shaping the material; I provide suggestions and make changes as necessary. E.g., I correct and condense the material to refine the style and language, and enhance the flow.

As the editor, I edit the content for logic and completeness to ensure it makes sense and puts the writer’s message across in the best way. I also check the material for accuracy, and I rewrite and rephrase sentences when necessary, clarifying ambiguities at the same time.

To enhance meaning and continuity, I may rearrange sentences, paragraphs and chapters; and ask the writer to revise the structure of the material to improve its readability.

It may also be necessary to request additional or different information, and at times to ask the writer to consider an alternative approach or perspective to present the content more effectively.



Proofreading is extremely important. If you read a business document filled with careless errors, you find it difficult to take the writer or company seriously.

Proofreading can only be done once the writer finishes all other revisions, rewrites and edits. It involves examining the final draft of your document or website copy to highlight and correct errors. No rewriting is done at this stage; it is the final quality check.

Proof Perfect NZ provides two levels of proofreading:

Standard proofreading. I check that the writing is grammatically correct and free of language errors — in spelling, punctuation, verb tense, consistency, hyphenation, capitalisation, abbreviations, captions, etc. and that the typography, formatting and presentation are correct and consistent.

Editorial proofreading. This includes standard proofreading plus minor corrections and paraphrasing to ensure clarity and correct choice of words.

I do proofreading on paper (hard) copy or on electronic (soft) formats. Your preferred style sheets or guidelines and manuals are used if provided, or I can source these.

I deliver a thorough, final review and polish of your work, thereby ensuring that neither the impact of your message nor your brand image and reputation are diminished by punctuation, grammar and syntax errors.


Copy Editing

Proof Perfect NZ’s in-depth copy-editing service looks at your document as a whole and checks for flow, clarity, suitability and consistency of style, tone, choice of words, the length and structure of sentences, the arrangement of paragraphs, completeness, and the overall structure of the piece.

I do checks to detect lapses in logic and timeline inconsistencies. My editing also assesses whether the intended message is conveyed consistently and effectively. Copy editing includes all the standard proofreading tasks related to correct grammar, spelling, punctuation and so forth, in the same fee.

The copy-editing process improves phrasing (paraphrasing) to ensure that every sentence you have written makes sense, has smooth syntax, and is written in the style you require.

Copy editing may involve some re-organisation of the written material. I may also make recommendations about changes to chapter titles, subheadings, or section headings.


Consumers often form an opinion about a business based on the quality of its website. It is an indication of the value the business places on communicating effectively with its target market.

Whether you’re creating a website from scratch or updating an existing one, Proof Perfect NZ can write its copy, proofread and edit its content, and review the website’s features and functionalities to ensure they perform as intended.

When writing website content, most people become concerned with page topics and search engine optimisation. While these two factors are hugely important, sometimes other crucial elements are overlooked: editing and proofreading. Error-free, web-friendly writing and an easy-to-follow flow work together to get your message across and encourage return visits.

To ensure your content is accurate, clear and easy-to-read, Proof Perfect NZ edits and proofreads its language and grammar, punctuation, spelling and structure, checking that these are correct and consistent.

I check whether the choice of words, tone and style of communication is suitable for your target market; and that your style of writing and English is globally understood and easily translated.

You may select American or British/NZ English when requesting website copy. This allows me to customise your content to fit your target market or to create dual pages for both styles so your site captures a wider audience.

Additional Service

Writing Business Documents

Proof Perfect NZ provides business writing services for documents other than marketing and advertising material.

Do you need to have your market or consumer research data prepared as a report? Perhaps you have too little time to write your RFP or project brief?  Do you need to have your annual business plan or planning notes transformed into a document or a Powerpoint presentation?

Do you need to prepare a white paper or a case study and don’t know where to start? Are you behind in writing project proposals or summarising your marketing strategy documents?

Then contact me to discuss your requirements and deadline. I’ll save you time and effort, ensuring your document is well-written, concise, lucid and free from distracting errors.

Express your insights, ideas, information and message clearly and coherently with my cost-effective service. The following features are discussed and agreed with you before writing commences:

  • The purpose and scope of the document
  • The target readership or audience and their needs
  • Document template – structure and format
  • Chapter and section titles, and content guideline
  • Number of words or pages
  • Inclusion or exclusion of index, references, etc.
  • Number of revisions included in the fee
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Packages & Pricing

Options are available for all services:
on-demand hourly rate | project-based fee | monthly retainer

The fee charged depends on the service selected and quality of the written material.

While I do not follow a 'charge per word' fee model because this penalizes clients who write well, a quotation based on a 'per word' or 'per page' rate can be provided if preferred.

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