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Proof Perfect NZ provides website copywriting, editing and proofreading services.

A company’s website directly reflects on the business as a whole and is indicative of the value it places on attention to detail and quality.
As a business owner, you want to make sure your website content casts your company in a positive light.
Make an impact and connect with your website visitors. Communicate with clarity and get your message across.
Let me write your copy and be confident that your website builds your brand and grows your business.


Help when you need it

Hire a professional to help you prepare your website copy. As an expert, I can save you the effort and frustration of generating compelling, original, well-written copy. Focus on your core activities while Proof Perfect NZ writes and polishes your copy, taking your language, style and tone preferences into account.


Getting started is easy

Discuss your website editing and copywriting needs with me directly. I can help you determine which service(s) you require. For website editing services, you simply send me your URL to get started. For copywriting services, I write the copy with your involvement, and a specialist SEO partner collaborates with me to fine-tune it.


Quality Guarantee

I provide unlimited revisions of your website copy to make sure you are satisfied with the material produced. Your web designer is welcome to contact me directly. If you are not entirely satisfied with my service, I will redo the work and not charge you a cent. My website editing includes proofreading, all for the same fee.

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Website Editing & Copywriting Services


Editing & Review

Proof Perfect NZ’s website content editing and proofreading services ensure that your content is error-free, well written and effective. Your website is often the first impression your clients and prospective customers receive of your business and your products or services. Therefore, its design, presentation, functionality and content need to be perfect.

Content is crucial because it interacts with the other aspects of your site’s design, allowing your business to connect with your target market. It also influences where you place in search engine results, and how successfully the site will generate sales leads and revenue.

A website review involves editing and proofreading the website’s copy and a performance check of the site’s features and functionalities.

During the editing process, I look at the content’s topics or themes as well as the word choice, tone and style of your copy, which needs to be appropriate to your industry sector and target market.

The editing process checks that your website content is well-structured and accessible, designed to satisfy your visitors’ information needs and encourage them to take action.

The copy is polished to make it clear, concise, original and engaging. I examine the tone for consistency and suitability. It should strike the right balance between formal and informal, overeager and impersonal. Above all, the tone should reflect the culture of your business and the image you want to project.

When editing I also check for consistency in writing style, logical flow of the copy, and that the language is easy to understand and translate.

My proofreading corrects technical language issues, such as grammar, punctuation and spelling errors. It also reviews captions, images, tables, etc.



The aim of website copywriting is to produce copy that is accurate, error-free, original, well written and delivers on it’s call to action. High-quality copy engages your site visitors, builds your brand, enhances your reputation and leads your visitor to make the response you intend.

Just as great content will help improve your reputation and build trust among consumers, poor content can do the exact opposite, which is why it’s essential to make sure the content you present is edited and proofread. Typos and grammatical errors can affect the way your business is perceived and make your business seem unprofessional.

I work in partnership with experts who can facilitate the SEO aspect of your website content once the copy has been written. If this service is requested, a packaged fee can be arranged. My copywriting service, though, includes keyword research to deliver target words and terms.

If you want a good return on your website investment, present content that is informative, relevant, accessible and written in a style tailored to your targeted visitors. 

Simply replicating your company’s marketing materials on your website is not effective. The content needs to share what makes you different from everyone else, guide the visitor through your site, answer their queries and encourage them to take action. 

Copy should be jargon-free, interesting and to the point, making it easy for visitors to learn about your offering and find what they are looking for.

Fresh, relevant and interesting copy also drives your content marketing, so take advantage of the opportunity to have well-written and helpful content on your website. Remember that optimising your site is about more than search engines’ requirements. Optimise your website content for people, too.

We have recently had the pleasure of working with Renell from Proof Perfect, for the copywriting of our new website. I cannot recommend Renell highly enough, the whole process ran smoothly. Renell is friendly, professional and extremely efficient.
Thank you, Renell. 

Joe and Kimberly Kelly

Owners, Coast Connections Electrical Services

Renell did a fantastic job proofreading my new website – she gave very clear, specific and easy to follow feedback on aspects that needed fixing or improving. I was very impressed.
Thanks again, Renell.

Tracey Floyd

Owner, Ask Your Accountant

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Packages & Pricing

Options are available for all services:
on-demand hourly rate | project-based fee | monthly retainer.

The fee charged depends on the service selected, the subject matter of the website and/or the quality of the copy that has to be edited or proofread.

While I do not follow a ‘charge per word’ fee model because this penalizes clients who write well, a quotation based on a ‘per word’ or ‘per page’ rate can be provided if preferred.


Editing | Copy editing | Proofreading | Website copywriting, editing, proofreading & review | Combination of any of these, bundled

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