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English is a complex language – rite, right, write, wright?

Let me provide you with the service that is most appropriate for your project.
Services are tailored according to client category, the purpose of the written material and the intended audience.

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Editing looks at the larger issues of your work and improves the writing quality. The editor shapes the material – focusing on language suitability, use and expression as well as flow, clarity and style, while honing the structure and content for the best possible effect.

Copy Editing

Copy editing addresses flaws on a technical level, correcting mistakes, inconsistencies and repetition. Suggestions are made to improve the material line by line, polishing the language. Attention is paid to syntax, word choice, word order, concision and fluidity.


Proofreading examines a piece in detail to find and correct typographical errors and mistakes in grammar, punctuation, spelling, style, formatting and consistency. Proofread your document so the final product is well written, precise and easy to read.

Website Editing

Website content often gives potential customers their first glimpse of your business. Be confident it reflects your values and enhances your reputation.

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Ensure your written material is error-free, correctly formatted, concise and effective. Focus on what you do best and let me look after your written material.

Website Copywriting

Website copy is your opportunity to engage your existing and potential customers. Make it work – get a good return on your website investment.

Packages & Pricing

Options are available for all services:
on-demand hourly rate | project-based fee | monthly retainer

The fee charged depends on the service selected and quality of the written material.

While I do not follow a ‘charge per word’ fee model because this penalizes clients who write well, a quotation based on a ‘per word’ or ‘per page’ rate can be provided if preferred.

Editing | 
Copy editing | Proofreading |
Website copywriting, editing, proofreading & review |
Combination of any of these, bundled

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