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Pierre Woolridge

Having never previously needed the assistance of an editor, my search began with a blank slate. My printer’s suggestion of Renell Judais proved to be ideal. All the important words applied: professional, expertise, thorough, accurate. Renell was excellent to work with. She was empowering. Clearly there was experience and soundness of knowledge, but she never lost sight of the writing as belonging to someone else.

Her ability to recognise and understand individuality of style and thought was specific. This resulted in a commitment to honour my words, thoughts and arguments. This did not stop her from contributing her own thoughts, making suggestions and being strong in regards to what she deemed needed to be different. She was meticulous about details: dates, events and people. I was impressed with the time she must have spent doing her own research and checking accuracies.

I was left with a sense of confidence that together we had ended up with the best possible product. Renell constantly travelled the extra mile. She was generous, patient and always conveyed sincere interest and belief in my intentions and passion for the book’s subject matter.

She is clearly committed to excellence, and I have been the grateful benefactor of her talents. I recommend Renell Judais. Her ability and commitment to her profession is unquestionable.

Des Casey

Environmentalist and author, https://descasey.com/

Renell Judais of Proof Perfect Ltd has just edited my eighth novel Octavian’s Light, a fairly large project of 141,000 words. She has been excellent to deal with throughout the exercise, always ready to discuss aspects of the novel, and help whenever required. (She is a keen classical scholar.)

Renell always stressed that I was the author and that ultimately my decisions would prevail, as the book was my work, a vital aspect for me. I particularly appreciated her patience nursing me through some of the complexities of MS Word and the digital world in general. Her enthusiasm, support and encouragement were a great help. Her wise advice throughout the process, and during the submission phase afterwards, was very much appreciated. Renell has been a delight to work with. I would unreservedly recommend her skills to any author.

Don E. McGregor


Don McGregor
Pierre Woolridge
A very thorough editor. The requests for clarification were most helpful. It’s all too easy to just assume. Renell offers a first-class editing service.
Pierre Woolridge

Founder, Effective Governance. https://www.effectivegovernance.nz/

Henry Morton's Pupil
Upon the completion of my first novel, I was advised by the publisher to have the manuscript copy edited before I went ahead with the publishing process. This was, he explained, to check on spelling, grammar, continuity and any other defects that might be present. He recommended Renell Judais, and I’m so glad he did because what she did to my manuscript was truly amazing.

I was totally blown away by her sheer professionalism and expertise. Not only did she sort out my spelling and grammar but she made a considerable number of suggestions as the how the odd word or phrase could vastly improve the dialogue. I now have a very professional, well-produced manuscript that has also been checked as to technical and aesthetic detail thanks to Renell’s untiring effort on my behalf.

I would unreservedly recommend Renell to anyone who has any form of written document they would like to be thoroughly checked and polished before publication.

Michael H. Green


Jo Wynne
By the time the final editing/copyediting of my first effort at writing a biography was complete, I knew I could not have found a better person to do that work than Renell.

During the first round, Renell uncovered a serious lack of accuracy in my direct quotes and references. Although it was my responsibility to be accurate, Renell went over and above her brief, investigated sources, and corrected my mistakes. The references are now in a good state for future researchers.

The next two rounds went smoothly. Renell’s instructions were always clear and consistent, she answered any queries quickly and kept me informed about completion dates for the work in hand.

I am in awe of Renell’s skill. Her keen eye and meticulous application brought about a transformation in my rough manuscript. In the beginning, I felt unsure and something of an imposter but when the final editing was complete, I felt confident that I could now send the correctly formatted and polished manuscript to a publisher.

Renell’s generosity extended further than the copyediting work. She helped me with several other book publishing issues and technological procedures which were puzzling me.

Renell will definitely be my first choice for any similar work I might have in the future.

Jo Wynne


 I learnt so much from working with Renell on my debut novel, Gang Girl. Her expertise and deep involvement with my work made her the sole choice to edit my second book, The Road to Madhapur.

Once again, Renell’s affinity with my story and understanding of my characters proved invaluable. Her astute observations and comments prompted me to reimagine some key scenes and make them more compelling and engaging. Renell’s guidance on consistency has helped me to develop a unique voice.

As always, Renell is quick to respond to questions. She even researched background information to ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the manuscript. This level of commitment and collaboration makes the editing process an absolute pleasure.

Editing can make or break a book—and an author’s career. Finding the right editor is essential for every writer. It is their most important professional relationship. I’m glad I found Renell.

David Whittet

Author, Film-maker and Family Doctor

The Road to Madhapur
A Golden Moment
 As first-time authors, we were fortunate to obtain the professional services of Renell Judais of Proof Perfect.

 When you are ready to publish your work, no matter how good you think the finished project is, Renell will make improvements, editing your work to a much higher level.

Renell’s research is without limit.

Renell does not change your work in any way, she just makes what you have written flow without hesitation. She puts you at ease with any correspondence and guides you through the process of becoming an author.

We think that words cannot express the gratitude we have for Renell’s help.

Sue and Malcolm Robin


Renell was recommended to us as the ideal person to copy-edit our trilogy Wraiths and Strays, but since this was our first book, we had no idea what was involved. We were so inexperienced that we did not even know what copy-editing was, but we need not have worried. Right from the start, Renell explained how the process worked and showed us how to get the best out of our collaboration.

We soon came to appreciate Renell’s depth of knowledge and obvious professionalism. We had expected that from an editor, of course. What we did not expect was how thoroughly she immersed herself in the project, checking, researching, and generally getting onto the same page as us, so that we could work through the books together. We both think that she went way above and beyond anything that we had expected.

Although we have confidence in our writing skills, we acknowledge that we have learned a great deal from this process, and we are very grateful. Renell was always clear and consistent and provided a fresh perspective that helped us to develop our story. The result is even better than we hoped and we look forward to working with her again in the future.

With thanks and kind regards,

Stephen Lomax & Shiree Taylor

Authors, 'The Wraiths and Strays Trilogy'

Sacred Land
The Golden Sands of Change
I was introduced to Renell through The CopyPress in Nelson. As a first-time writer, I really had no idea of what was required in terms of layout, margins, presentation, style, etc. Renell, with her soft-spoken, caring personality took the job on. Renell compiled the chapters into a manuscript, working through each chapter, making comments, and copy editing. A new way of looking at something, a gentle point in another direction – and so we came to the finished book: The Golden Sands of Change.

Renell would always suggest I look things up, and the research started. The smallest detail became a thing of enormous history, which lead to yet another area of research. Her passion for what she does flows in a continuous stream; all that is required is to just enjoy the journey, which I did.

Julia Giacomelli


I was fortunate to come across Renell Judais when I was looking for copy-editing for my first novel. From our first phone conversation, I could sense that Renell was the perfect combination of extreme professional and patient educator. I have learned a great deal through Renell’s tutelage. She is a clear communicator, her notes were always unambiguous and helpful, and her skills and knowledge in copy-editing are extremely developed. Renell has well-honed attention to detail and worked meticulously through three rounds of editing on my manuscript. Each time, I could see the work getting better and better with her involvement. Renell managed my expectations, openly relating to the process and to when I could expect each review to be completed, and she delivered consistently. Renell is a true expert and a pleasure to deal with.
Jodie Shelley

Author, 'The Tui Has Landed'.

Jody Shelley
21 June 2022

Dear Renell,

I began my first-ever ‘big’ piece of writing – my memoir [name withheld until publication], late in 2018 to March 2022. It has been a labour of love and anguish to complete. I knew that it would be a tough path getting my work from ‘raw’ through to the ‘ready for publishing’ phase, as I think I said at the very beginning of my introduction to you, that I was no Eleanor Catton.

I sought out proofreading companies who I considered would ‘get’ my ideas and ‘hear’ my writing voice. I look for people who I figured wouldn’t want to bastardise my writing, as I didn’t want to lose the rawness and authenticity of what I’d felt and written online, and in my book. I’m aware that some proofreaders and editors can cut a manuscript to pieces — effectively losing an author’s voice. I was super-afraid, after all this is my first-ever serious manuscript, and I have barred my heart, soul, and life story onto the pages of my memoir. This, you know. 

Renell, in the beginning, I carefully studied your website. I wasn’t sure if you would be the right ‘fit’ for my work. But after reading over some of the testimonials on your website, I learned that you possessed great empathy, and had mastery in the profession of proofreading and editing. And, from learning this, I contacted you.

Our working relationship has progressed over the last few months, and we have emailed each other frequently (and had the odd phone call). My writing (including the swear words) hasn’t faze you one bit! When proofreading and editing my work; if ever you didn’t understand my writing and what I meant – you always asked and never ‘assumed’. You took the care to understand my ‘voice’ and perspective, and you were timely with achieving my edits. I have come to recognise the value in your advice, the patience and empathy you have extended, and the mana, knowledge, and integrity you possess which really is indispensable for a first-time writer.

 My initial judgement was wrong. On Sunday, I received my final edit and I was ecstatic that we had finally completed ‘phase one’. After a marathon read, I sat in my ‘writing’ chair and without realising had tears rolling down my face at my manuscript’s authenticity. It was clean, controlled, and read exactly how I had wanted it to read. I would not have accomplished that alone, without your help.

Again, I am truly grateful. I hope my letter to you will be a testimony of the work you have undertaken for me. It is with sincere appreciation that I write this. Thank you, thank you, Arohamai.

Veena Soma-Barron

Author and Educator

Before we met Renell, there was incomprehensible chaos in my head, and subsequently, on the sheets of paper. People we turned to and asked for help tried to help, but something was not right; something did not echo my feelings. Her writing skills, her ability to understand, analyze and correct my thoughts written on a sheet of paper amazed me with every round of editing.

The feeling was as if someone looked inside my mind, understood what was in there, and wrote it in a significant way. I looked at my writings after corrections and thought to myself, That was exactly what I meant, and I could not have done it better.  Renell’s work is a combination of something very empathetic and precise; it was what we were looking for, and I am glad we found it.

I met and talked briefly with Renell via Zoom, and during this short meeting, I realized that Renell not only reads between the lines of my writings, but she reads my thoughts “between the lines”.  Thank you so much for this experience with you, Renell.  Even though the writing was hard work for me, I left with very pleasant memories and all thanks to your work — clearly professional work!

Maybe someone can interpret this quote differently, but I felt this way when I worked with you, Renell 🙂  The picture and the quote (on the right) explain my experience with Renell.

Dr Marina L.


Personal Statement editing
Scripture Hunters
To be honest, I could not come up with anything that is close enough to describe how knowledgeable and versatile Renell’s editing skills are. Whatever I say here, it means that so many of her other merits cannot be covered in this short piece! If I have to choose just one thing to emphasise, I will say that Renell really loves what she does as an editor. She loves to help new writers to develop their books in the best manner possible, and it makes all the difference in the world to me as a first-time writer! 

One thing I did not expect from Renell, after we started the editing journey, a journey during which I learned that I could not possibly fathom the depth of Renell’s editing skills, was how tenacious she would be to bring out the best in my writing. Renell is a soft-spoken, gentle lady with a big heart for abandoned puppies, but once she started to look at my manuscript, she turned into a fierce, dreaded principal, like the ones at school – her comments on the manuscript were incisive, to the point, and quite unrelenting.

It was almost like a novel-writing bootcamp, but in the end, it is all worth it! I had so many teachers from kindergarten to university in my life, but no one I respect as much as Renell!

Tsz Lung Ng


I had the pleasure of working with Renell on my debut novel Gang Girl. Her expertise and professionalism made the editing process both enjoyable and enlightening. I have learnt so much from Renell. She showed me the importance of clarity and consistency in a manuscript and how using synonyms can confuse the reader. I believe I am a better writer after working with Renell.

Renell’s interest and involvement with the project proved a constant source of encouragement and inspiration. She understood my characters and their motivation. Whenever I had a question, I always received a rapid reply from Renell.

Gang Girl includes some Māori language in the dialogue. Renell offered to compile a glossary for the book, which my early preview readers have found invaluable.

The relationship between an author and their editor is crucial for a book’s success. I feel privileged to have Renell as my editor and look forward to working with her again. I have no hesitation in recommending her to all aspiring and established authors.

David Whittet

Author, Film-maker and Family Doctor

Gang Girl new cover
Renell Judais copy edited my first novel. Her work was first class. Prompt, painstaking and a major contribution to the quality of the finished product.
David Cameron

Barrister & Solicitor, and Author

A Single Daring Act
Renell is a wonderful editor, and it has been a pleasure to work with her on the manuscript of my children’s book. She is very professional and helped me to develop and maintain a consistent and lively tone throughout the manuscript.

Renell pays attention to every detail and has a sharp eye for the smallest grammatical mistakes and continuity errors — even down to the dialect a character is speaking. I look forward to working with her again.

Tremaine J. L.


I listened to the recommendation of an author colleague when seeking an editor for my historical fiction novel, The Chartreuse Dress, and was glad I did, as Renell Judais is a pleasure to work with.

A true professional and extremely thorough, Renell is generous with her help, and her suggestions were just what were needed. She identified several awkward areas and offered advice on how to improve them. Her attention to detail resulted in her checking my historical references and suggesting minor alterations to add to their authenticity. 

My manuscript was vastly improved in Renell’s expert hands. She formatted my work, put it into the appropriate stylesheet, then gave me help with my back cover ‘blurb’ – a task I was finding difficult to narrow down. 

Knowing my novel was better for her work on it, I felt much more confident when sending it to the publisher.

Kay Mills


Kay Mill's book cover
I have the privilege of recommending Renell Judais of Proof Perfect Ltd, a very professional, caring and multitalented copy editor. Renell will always find time to help when required.

Renell help to recreate my books which are bilingual, New Zealand English and Māori, in the historical fiction genre category. Renell proved to be an expert in all fields. Amazing work skills.

“I made the song, Renell made it sing, and the characters started to dance.” I would not hesitate to recommend Renell as a copy editor as she excels in this field of work.

Laura Nicholas, writing as Arora Nikora


I have just emailed my completed crime novel off to the digital editor and in doing so, instead of jumping for joy, I experienced a deep emotional wrenching that had me crying into my fingers. I wasn’t sure if this was because I was just exhausted from the nearly two-year writing process or because I was handing something precious, a part of my heart and a portion of my soul to the world to pass judgment on.

However, I did have the comfort in knowing that this manuscript was the best it could possibly be and I offer my sincere thanks and gratitude to Renell Judais, my copy editor from Proof Perfect NZ for making this happen.

Renell was more than my copy editor, she rode alongside me on the emotional journey of cutting my darlings, reducing the word count, advising me on grammar and diction and most importantly, gave me support at a time when I was wobbly and losing confidence that I could ever be good enough. I put Renell under enormous time pressures towards the end but she never complained and kept my wobbly confidence intact.

At the end of this process, I submitted a manuscript which is the best that I could do, it looks professional, has been assessed by an expert who acknowledged that it could hold its own out there in the publishing world and I am one very grateful author for having her in my life.

Chris Stuart

Author, 'For Reasons of Their Own' -- Winner: New Zealand's 2021 Ngaio Marsh Award for Best First Novel

Chris Stuart One
Chris Stuart One
In Memoriam Vol 2 & 3
With fifty years’ business experience under the belt, my expectation of commercial enterprises’ performance is well-tempered. Renell Judais’ work on my manuscripts exceeded expectations many times over.

In 2010 I took on a small voluntary project to compile a local history. The project spiralled out of control, resulting in three volumes of stories compiled over nine years. Consistency of style over that time varied wildly. Also, the nature of the content necessitated several thousand source references.

The last two volumes needed serious editing, but by whom? While editing services abound, how can you be sure of high quality? Seek professional advice, of course. Renell was recommended and it proved to be sound advice.

Within days we had agreed terms and time estimates. Renell was able to start immediately and for the next three months, it seemed I was her only client (I now know that was certainly not the case). Renell did a superb job improving the two manuscripts. And she even standardised the format of those thousands of source references. That alone warranted her fee.

Renell’s knowledge, professionalism and courtesy are without equal. I highly recommend her services. Thank you so much, Renell. You are a joy to work with.

Joan Leversedge


As a first-time self-publishing author, I found Renell (Proof Perfect Ltd) to be of unmeasurable talent, as is portrayed in her work as a copy editor. She has the ability to transform even the roughest manuscript into a pleasurable piece of work that the author undoubtedly benefits from. A pleasure to work with, she obliges her client with eloquent grace, sharing her wealth of expertise. There’s no substitute for experience and you need look no further than Renell; she is the complete package. Top marks to a behind-the-scenes achiever who I would undoubtedly use again

B. W. Young


Book Cover
The copy editor is the start of any future unpublished or published work the importance of this should never be underestimated. This is where we were most fortunate in having Renell in guiding us through what we thought was going to be a difficult task. Fortunately, Renell came to our rescue with endless input and ideas that saved the day.  Renell’s instructions were clear and precise and easy to understand which gave us complete confidence in ourselves and helped expand our knowledge in what we finally achieved.
We were most grateful to Renell and would not hesitate and would be proud to recommend Renell to any future clients.

Brenda D.


I am 100% pleased with Renell’s editing of my manuscript and would strongly recommend her work to other aspiring authors. She always replied promptly to my emails and patiently provided all the assistance I needed with the technical side of the editing programme. Her suggestions and persistence mean the finished product will be a far more readable and professional book than I would have had otherwise. Would not hesitate to work with Renell again in the future.
Anna Allen

Chaplain & Author

Jonquil Graham
It is not too much to say that Renell saved me. My children’s book about cycling to school will now be published in the right format, with correct language, and be given the attention it deserves. Renell has been a tremendous help in making me understand the requirements of various types of children’s books. I am now confident enough to republish my first, longer story as it should be, and I have asked Renell to edit that manuscript too. Not only has Renell edited the story, but she has also helped by advising me of the next steps with regards to publishing. Again, thanks Renell, for all your kindness during the process.
SE Mikkelsen


Anna Allen 2
I can 100% recommend Renell.  Although I had the book edited, Renell made it so much better and am much happier with her input. She worked tirelessly, was very approachable and she pored hours and hours into every sentence so there would be no ambiguity. She is highly professional and generous with help and advice. If I write another book, she will be my first port of call. You will be happy to have her onboard.

Jonquil Graham


When I found the Proof Perfect website, I thought it was pretty cool! The manuscript I sent wasn’t quite so jumbled, but I was just as impressed with the Proof Perfect service. Renell is prompt, direct and flexible. My manuscript made perfect sense to me, of course, but I am not the audience! As she mentions, you want to remove “distracting errors” and you need fresh eyes and grammatical nous for this. I could not be happier with the service I have experienced and immediately engaged Renell for a second job.
David Chapman


Renell Judais was recommended to me by The Copy Press NZ, and has recently edited my 6,000-word manuscript. Her work was entirely professional and, in particular, she showed immaculate attention to detail.

Renell is extremely knowledgeable on all the fine details required to edit a manuscript. She has been helpful and informative over any issues to do with editing.

Many of Renell’s suggestions have improved the overall quality of my manuscript. She also works tirelessly and quickly to complete her contracts. I can genuinely endorse her skills and recommend her in this capacity.

Joan Joass


Joan Joass
Self-Publishing in New Zealand
Renell has gone above and beyond with the editing of my book on self-publishing in New Zealand. I was impressed by the level of detail in her edits, including her research into legal issues and other fact-checking. She provided exactly the kind of feedback I needed with great clarity, making it easy for me to adapt the manuscript as necessary. I would not hesitate to contact Renell again for her editing services.
Holly Dunn

Author & Book Cover Designer, The Copy Press

Having had my first novel published in the UK but not, as yet, freely available here in New Zealand I thought it would be a great idea to find a NZ publisher and have my next novel published here. With this in mind I started doing my homework. At a convention I attended in Mt Eden here in Auckland, there were a number of businesses who undertook editing. A woman at this convention struck me as knowledgeable and passionate about her work, so much so that hers was one of the few business cards I had kept. The card was from ‘Proof Perfect Ltd NZ’, and the lady was Renell Judais.

I contacted Proof Perfect and sent Renell what I thought was a novel almost ready for publishing. The contract came back with a time-frame and a price. To begin with I thought the time frame for the work I imagined was a little overlong, and the cost, a little excessive, but one has to start somewhere. How wrong it turned out I was over just about anything. The amount of ‘editing’ of the return manuscript was daunting. I don’t think there were two pages in a row without a recommendation about something. I deliberately use the word recommendation because, apart from the obvious corrections of mistakes, each edit was presented in a way to improve the manuscript, not that had I thought it needed much. It was only when I read the ‘clean’ copy (without the edits) that I realised just how much improvement my work needed and had received.

After this I went back and read line for line, recommendation after recommendation. Not every one of which I accepted, Renell, after all, could not ‘see’ the novel laid out in my mind. Along with the recommendations over dialogue were a number of brilliant ideas to improve the flow of the story and how to tie certain sections together. Ideas that had not crossed my mind, after all, I knew the book and the characters by heart. So off went draft number 2 with my interpretation of Renell’s edits and suggestions. Back came the second edit. Not as much red as the first edit (thank heavens) mostly to do with a view to making the ‘tie-ins’ flow into the original manuscript. Then came a third, and final edit. In amongst these edits flowing backwards and forwards, mostly from Renell to me with questions, were numerous calls and emails to clarify details.

Not only did my novel improve during this editing process, but also my knowledge of writing and editing. With each edit, without a doubt it was still my novel, but my novel with smoothed corners and slicker flow to the dialogue and story. Several things had worried me at the start of this process. One, was it really necessary? Second, would it still be my novel? Lastly the price. After the way Renell led me through the editing process, her guidance and her recommendations she answered worry number one impeccably. After each reading of the ‘clean’ edited version, I could see how the dialogue had improved and how much better the yarn flowed. Now, rereading the finished product, the novel is still mine, but also a novel I can be proud of.

Renell must be a speed reader to have put so much work into editing the novel for me in less time than the original estimate. With the work she has put in, I wondered if I should include her as a co-author? If this book is a success it will be due as much to Renell as it will be to me. Renell (Proof Perfect) charges a project-based fee, with a ‘free redo’ clause if the author is not satisfied with the editing and, rest assured, this is genuine value for money. When I need an editor for my next novel, I know who will be the first (and only) person on my list.

Trevor Prout


Renell Judais was recommended to me by The CopyPress, an independent book publisher in NZ.  Because she was local we were able to meet beforehand to discuss my vision for the stories I was writing, and again afterwards to discuss the editorial changes she was recommending.  She provided me with both hard and soft copies of the edited work, and she helped me get them to the proof stage, ready for the publisher.  I found her quick, professional, and friendly, ready to go the extra mile to help make things easy for me.
M. Eriksen


It has been a pleasure to work with Renell; she is a very professional editor. She has been prompt, astute and honoured my work. Renell has embraced my story and edited it to a high standard. She has always ensured I have control over my writing. Her guidance and expertise, I honour. Through her skills, Renell has added more value to my story. I can’t thank her enough. I highly recommend Renell Judais as an editor.
Julie Cooper

Kinesiologist & Author

Project One – Thank you for getting this job back to me so quickly. I sincerely appreciate your thoroughness and can see you have taken great care with your edits and suggestions. I am very happy with the quality of the work you have done and I look forward to being able to use your services again.
Project Two – I am very happy with this. Good job!  I know it’s not easy to say the same thing, differently, without using more words…  Well done.

Mark Mortlock

Founder/Owner, Hibiscus Funeral Services and Auckland Funeral Services

Renell did a fantastic job proofreading my new website – she gave very clear, specific and easy to follow feedback on aspects that needed fixing or improving – I was very impressed. Thanks again, Renell.
Tracey Floyd

Owner, CPA, Ask Your Accountant

Renell is the consummate professional when it comes to proofreading, editing, writing copy and anything to do with the written and spoken word. Through using her services you can be assured that your firm’s written material will look professional and read well, thus demonstrating to your readers that you are committed to delivering and maintaining high standards of service. Very highly recommended.
Theo Simeonidis

Director, UProtectNZ Insurance Services

Renell was a shining light when it came time to edit my manuscript. She was professional and prompt with her work. She went through editing step by step and made the process as easy as it could be. Renell has a strong work ethic and tries to stay in the narrative style of the author. Without her help with my book, I would have been lost. I would recommend her for any editing work that is required because of her excellent output. Thank you, Renell.
Nathan O.


Thank you so much for your brilliant help and encouragement. I feel excited and confident that my manuscript is ready to be submitted to a publisher. I loved the suggestions you made over and above the copy editing and proofreading I asked for. The quality of your editing work and your polite, friendly way made it a pleasure to work with you. I appreciate your objectivity and willingness to listen to what I wanted. Yes please, give me more style sheets! I learned a lot from you and will use your service again.
Lauren W.

Aspiring Author

I have been impressed by the diligent response you are giving to the task of finding and fixing the imperfections in our Proofreading & Copy Editing correspondence course. Your eagle eyes have found errors which everyone else missed. You have spotted inconsistencies in formatting we hadn’t noticed. You even alerted us when something which should be there, wasn’t. Your attention to detail is admirable. This is certainly a step up from simple proofreading. Thank you. We work with a range of people who have different levels of proofreading skills. I put you at the top of my list for careful attention to detail. I’m sure the world of document writers will queue up to avail themselves of your services. Well, those who care enough to want their documents to be 100% correct and free from errors, will ask for you. I’ll be honoured to be an advocate for your services.
Carol Morris

Registrar (retired) , New Zealand Institute of Business Studies

Renell was a great inspiration in her approach to our manuscript. Her level of professionalism was inspiring. She dealt with us as if were the only ones writing a book. Her work and service were enlightening, insightful and educational. We have learnt so much with our interaction with Renell and she was patient with us, guided us through every process and was prompt in her responses and replies to our questions. We have a global ministry called Youth Aflame International and H.P. Jakes Ministries in over 10 countries and would not hesitate to recommend Renell for her exceptional service. As aspiring authors, with this first book, we are so blessed to have had Renell being part of our success.

Anyone who uses her service WILL be more than 100% satisfied.

Henry Jacobs

CEO, Youth Aflame International and H.P. Jakes Ministries

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